Barry Herbach is a certified licensed psychotherapist with nearly 30 years of experience helping individuals identify and move past those deep-seated emotional issues that often create personal and professional stagnation, as well as emotional paralysis. He is an NYU graduate, trained and certified in Level II EMDR. Barry is experienced in psychotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy. His areas of expertise include early childhood/adult trauma, relationship and intimacy issues, long and short-term phobias, addictions, and adult ADD.

“I have a strong belief in people and their ability to change and grow. Overcoming my own traumas, through a combination of various therapies and a strong spiritual practice, reassured these beliefs for me. After many years of specializing in these areas, the extent to which people can transform and improve their personal and professional lives still amazes me. All it takes is guidance and the desire to thrive at your fullest potential." --Barry Herbach

Why EMDR is so important

After going through my own personal exploration and healing from my own traumas, I have a clear understanding of how effective EMDR is. I had grown tremendously in my talk therapy sessions, but knew there was still something blocking me from becoming the person I wanted to be. In five EMDR sessions I went further than I did in ten years of therapy. After having had the experience of EMDR, I knew I needed to learn how to help others, as I had been helped. Since that time I have not only helped many people with the process of EMDR, I have also supervised other clinicians who practice EMDR.

If you are not in therapy, then we will need at least a couple of standard talk therapy sessions before proceeding to use EMDR. After each EMDR session you will need to have a talk therapy session to examine what was uncovered. Depending on what your issues are you should expect to have between 2-5 EMDR sessions.

If you are currently in therapy with someone who does not use EMDR, I can coordinate with your therapist and they would do the debriefing instead of me.

While EMDR cannot eliminate the events in your past, it will allow you to become who you would have been, had the event not happened.

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